Logika Building game UmweltengelSpiel Gut
In a handy and attractive presentation you can play it a whole life in always new variations. Eight different structured cube-elements will be put together to most variable structures on a platform base.

For this game there is a 60-page instruction with about 100 different building structures. Plate and stones are out of recycling-plastic and available in different colours. The division of the platform base into described fields and the numbering of the building stones make it possible to write down your buildings. Even difficult structures can be reproduced after years in some minutes.

With it inexhaustible variety it wakes up the play-fun and trains the memory playful. Konzentration, patience, intelligence and first of all the three-dimensional imagination, fantasy, intuition and lateral thinking will be trained too. The often ignored right brain-half will be trained and be brought to growth.

number of players: 1
duration of the game: about 1/4 h
age: 3 - 90 years
prizes: mini: 2.65,- Euro, normal: 15 Euro,
maxi: 31.50 Euro

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