Logika Pictures Labyrinth
The picture-labyrinth exists out of a platform base with interchangeable presentations and 6 respectively 7 different shaped stones. The stones must be put into the platform base until either one previously definited picture or any other not chosen picture remains.

This game is a challenge for each age. Finally a game which is attractive for kindergarten-children as same as children in day nurseries. Also for adults a not always immediately soluble task. Isn't it great? A game where all players have the same preconditions. Nevertheless there are different difficulty-steps, what doesn't let the game become tedious.

Instead of pictures also color-presentations, number-symbols or number-presentations could be used. The presentations with the free fields can be painted by players theirselves, and also stickers can be glued on the free fields.

The logical thought, the sensitive motor avtivity, the concentration and according to the presentation being taken the recognizing of pictures respectively the counting will be promoted playful.

Number of players: 1
duration: 5 until 20 minutes
Age: 3 - 90 years
prize: 22,- Euro