Logika Duopento
The game Duopento contains 24 flat, 12 blue and 12 red, stones. These stones must be put together alternately into a large surface. Goal of the game is to put as many stones as possible of the own color to an interrelated surface. Because all stones of one color have different forms, the brain is demanded. Itīs possible to create spaces where only the own stones fit. But caution, these spaces could also be used by your opponent.

With Duopento someone learns to recognize where something fits in and where something matches. There are different game-variations, and it is also possible to play the game as a solitaire-game.

number of players: 1 or 2
duration of the game: 5 min. up to 20 min.
age: 6 years and higher
prize: available as of march 2002