Logika Pentomino
The pentomino exists out of 12 two-dimensional pentomino-building stones. Furthermore each stone exists out of 5 dice. With these 12 different stones you can build two-dimensional patterns or three-dimensional buildings. Each of the 12 stones can be reproduced itself in triple size out of 9 stones.

For this game there is also a solution-disc:
On a latticed pattern you can create a motive, at least existing out of 4 stones. After the selection of the used building-stones you have to click on SOLVE and all possibilities of solutions of the given motives will be calculated and described, after pressing ENTER again.
The pentomino is available in different colours.

number of players: 1
duration of the game: about 1/4 h
age: 6 years and higher
prize: 13.80 Euro

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