Logika Prismtwist
The prismtwist is a 3-D-puzzle form Ingo Uhl. It exists out of 12 different stones. These stones are joined prisms. One stone made out of 2 prisms, two stones made out of 3 prisms and nine stones made out of 4 prisms. Eight of these stones are three-dimensional and four are two-dimensional. Also the game has a platform base. This one has 38 three-cornered fields and it is structured for making a lot of different symmetric three-dimensional building structures.

Forward roll calculations have shown that there ar 10 exp. 19 different building structures, an astronomical value. You can cover the whole world therewith many times (including the oceans).

Ingo Uhl designed a recording pad for the game for recording new invented building structures. The prismtwist is predominant a solitaire game, but you can also play it in a group.

number of players: 1
duration of the game: 5 min. up to 3 h
age: 8 years and higher
prize: 12.90 Euro

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