Logika Reservat game
The players select by turns a collection of stones out of the 29 pentacubes. All players get the same quantity of stones. They put the stones into the two levels of the game-box by turns. The one who can set his last stone without overtopping the second. level has won.

A „reservation“ is a still not filled, by other stones built empty room in the game-box. In this empty room you can only put one stone of your own collection. A reservat and the appropriate stone you should set aside until the end of the game to make the last „pull“, when all other rooms are filled.

For this game a book is available: „Games with pentacubes“ (games and building objects, only in german)

number of players: 2 up to 4
duration of the game: about 1/2 h.
age: 10 years and higher
prize: 46 Euro

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