Logika Magic string games
These games are thinking- and cleverness-games out of recycling-plastic. A magic string game exists out of a string and several stones. These stones have holes of different dimensions. There are 3 different string games: with one cube and 2 rectangular solids, with 2 cubes and 1 rectangular solid and with 6 cubes and one rectangular solid.

The origin of these games was found in the distant Africa. Modifications of these were also found in Guinea and China and they are also used for the conversation today. The object of the magic string games (also mentioned „Vexiere“) is to transport the stones from one string to another, or to take away the string completely from the stones, please look which game you are holding in your hands right now.

But caution: Do not knot your fingers!?!

number of players: 1
duration of the game: about 1/4 h.
age: 8 years and higher
prize: game with 1 cube 2.56 Euro
with 2 cubes 3.07 Euro
with 6 cubes 3.58 Euro

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