Logika Tower building game
The tower-building game is a strategy-game for two persons. Each player tries to build a tower. Therefore the stones must be found out by throwing an interesting looking 8-sided "die" (normally a die has 6 sides). The towers have a 2x2 squares area. The 8 different stones are the same like in the building game. You can not start with any stone. You have to throw a number and to take the appropriated stone then.

The tower must have an area out of 2x2 squares and must exist out of complete plateaus. That means that in the finished tower no holes have to be seen. It is only allowed that the towerend looks uneven.

Under circumstandes allready used stones have to put back. Winner by points is, who has built the highest tower, but you may only count the filled plateaus.

This game trains the three-dimensional imagination and makes a lot of fun.

number of players: 2
duration of the game: about 1/4 h.
age: 6 years and higher
prize: 12.73 Euro

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Tower building game