Logika Numbers Labyrinth
The numbers-labyrinth exists out of a platform base with 36 fields and 7 different stones, each stone exists out of 5 squares. 7 mulitplied with 5 is 35, so one field on the platform base remains free. The stones are named in relation to the letters they look like, there are: L Y P U X I N.

The game is like a crossword puzzle, it looks very simple, but it needs much time to find the solution.
Object of the game is: To put the 7 stones on the platform base in a way where one special number which you chose before is not covered. If you would put the stones simply indiscriminately on the 36 fields...

it would be boring !!!

Pssst! Not only for „clever heads“.

number of players: 1
duration of the game: 1 up to 15 min.
age: 6 years and higher
prize: 5 Euro

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Numbers' labyrinth